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Yin and Yang Yoga Intensive

Returning to the Source of Being
with Paulie Zink the founder of Yin Yoga
October 14-15, 2017

Taoist Yoga is an earth-honoring tradition from ancient China that follows the way of simplicity. In this workshop, suitable for people with all levels of yoga experience, we learn how to free ourselves from the constraints of the thinking mind, grow the body supple, flow with movement, and be in harmony with our own Tao, or way of being.
We explore special yoga postures that invoke the spiritual essence of various creatures and activate the yin and yang properties of the five alchemical elements used in Chinese medicine (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water), thus enlivening the body and onsciousness with these energetic qualities.
Through this process of renewal, we balance our emotions, restore bodily systems, clear energetic obstructions, increase vitality, and enhance self-awareness. By returning to our true state of being, we awaken to our primal power and wild, playful spirit.

Yin and Yang Yoga
Saturday, October 14 2:00-7:00pm $145
Sunday, October 15 2:00-7:00pm $145

The cost for the entire weekend........................$260

The workshop will be held at the Chicago Yoga Center.

Class size is limited, please sign up early.

Poses will be accessible for all levels, including beginners.


Paulie Zink(the founder of Yin Yoga) is a multifaceted instructor of rare quality. He is a highly proficient Taoist Yoga practitioner, a Chi Kung expert and an internationally acclaimed martial arts grand champion. The combination of his exceptional background, knowledge and skill makes him unique among yoga teachers in the western world. In order to achieve this degree of mastery he underwent demanding training and esoteric disciplines, which emphasized cultivating the felt awareness and embodiment of one's intuitive, instinctual, and mystical natures. With his relaxed and playful demeanor, students find him to be a very approachable and enjoyable teacher. Paulie has been teaching for more than 32 years.

Due to limited space, early registration is encouraged.

Students from out of town will be able to stay at the Days Inn, Lincoln Park, North
(25 minutes walking from the Chicago Yoga Center).
Please make your room reservation before September 2, to guarantee the room discount.
Phone 888.576.3297 or 773.525.7010.
Mention Chicago Yoga Center when you call and the group code ZINK.
Available rooms are held until September 13, 2017

To reserve a space, fill out and print the WORKSHOP FORM registration specifying

Yin and Yang Yoga Intensive
along with a check to the
CHICAGO IL 60657-4274

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