The Chicago Yoga Center since 1984

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Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, 9:00-10:00AM CT:
Asana, Breathing, Sitting, a mindful practice:
Focus on the skeletal, muscular & lymphatic systems, digestive, nervous & respiratory systems. (Gentle) cardiovascular. Meeting the mind through the avenues of the body.

New students welcome! You may join at any time. If you have any physical problems, illness or past injuries, please inform before class begins.

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Thanks, Suddha  


“Something can never come out of nothing. It is axiomatic to say so. Consciousness is the finest of the fine things known to man. It is the Subject of all subjects. To know means to objectify a thing. The Subject can never be your object. So, in one sense you can never know the Subject. In another sense, It is more than known to you. What proof do you want to say that you hear, you see, you smell, etc.? Find out your True Nature - Conscioiusness.

Science after splitting an atom has come to the conclusion that there is not a thing called matter. Only force exists. I tell to the scientists boldly that if they proceed further, there will be only Consciousness..."

--Swami Narayanananda 7/11/1985

Swami Narayanananda (1902-1988) is the author
of 36 authoritative books on Yoga and spiritual psychology.

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