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Chicago Yoga Center Location

Classes are held in our bright, spacious (1500 sq. ft.) studio at 3047 N. Lincoln Avenue, in the heart of Chicago's Near North side.

You may park at a Chicago City parking lot, (Pay and Display system). Nearby (3 minute walk) to the Chicago Yoga Center, on W. Fletcher and N. Greenview, just south of W Belmont and north of N Lincoln Avenue.

There is always free Side Street parking on Wellington (next to the Church), and on Southport or Barry and Nelson Ave. Metered Street parking on Lincoln is always available.

The nearest "El" stop is on the Brown Line at Paulina and Lincoln Avenue.


Chicago Yoga Center


UNIT 320
CHICAGO IL 60657-4274

The studio is on the 3rd floor.

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"Infinity has no beginning, no end and no middle. A thing that has a beginning must have a middle and an end also. Such a thing becomes limited and finite. Infinity is All-pervading, Self-existence. It is the Ocean of Consciousness by Itself. There can be only one Infinity. If there are two, one will limit the other and thus both will become infinite. Infinity is the Ultimate Truth, but various names are being given to It like Brahman, The Absolute, God, The Supreme Force, The Supreme Power, etc. Names differ but Infinity is one and the same."

--Swami Narayanananda, Himalayas, 1979

Swami Narayanananda (1902-1988) is the author
of 36 authoritative books on Yoga and spiritual psychology.

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