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The Yin Yoga Experience

with Yin Yoga Founder Paulie Zink
April 4 - 5, 2020

The following workshops are for all levels and will be largely experiential with some short lectures. Students will engage in Yin Yoga postures of stillness for promoting growth, clearing energetic blockages, and enhancing circulation, Yang Yoga postures for developing core strength and muscle tone, balance, and stamina, and Taoist Flow Yoga. Taoist Flow includes both Yin and Yang yoga. It is more than just a sequence of postures. The process of transition from pose to pose is as much a part of the practice as the postures themselves. The movements incorporate continuous, smooth and circular motion designed to develop fluidity and grace in the body and a relaxed, confident demeanor.

Saturday, April 4, 2020, 12:00 - 5:30pm

YIN YOGA: ANIMALS & ELEMENTS. Take a pose on the wild side. Let your primal spirit come out and play. In this session we will embody the energetic essence of many types of animals and enliven the physical and emotional energetic states represented by each of the five transforming elements of Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire. Come and frolic with the five elements: experience the springiness of a frog, the lightness of a bird, the might of a bear, the calmness of a cow, the slinkiness of a seal. Here you will discover the deeper dimensions of Yin yoga. Specific postures are used to actualize the energetic attributes of various creatures and to stimulate the properties of the five alchemical elements, thus harmonizing these qualities within the body and animating the primal spirit that resides within us all. By returning to our true and wild nature we can enjoy a greater vitality and a newfound freedom of movement and relaxed confidence with our bodies.

Sunday, April 5, 2020, 12:00 - 5:30pm

YIN YOGA: GOING DEEPER. Bring the spirit of freedom and enjoyment to your practice. This module will cover a variety of both upper and lower body postures based on animals and the five transforming Elements of Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire. We will learn breathing meditations and how to grow the body flexible. Paulie will guide students in how to properly practice postures in stillness and in the fluid transitions from pose to pose. The emphasis will be on quieting the mind and learning to relax deeply into postures while focusing on feeling the subtle energetics of each pose and attuning to the innate wisdom of our bodies.

The Yin Yoga Experience

The cost of the workshop for the entire weekend


Saturday or Sunday only, each


Class size is limited, please sign up early.

The Workshop is accessible for all levels, including beginners.


Master Paulie Zink received private intensive training for ten years as the sole protégé of Chinese Taoist yoga and kung fu master, Cho Chat Ling.
A three-time international martial arts grand champion, Paulie is renowned for his fluidity, flexibility, and artistry of motion. He teaches with a relaxed and playful demeanor that encourages everyone to feel accepted and comfortable. He brings over 30 years' experience to his teaching.

For Students from out of town we suggest EARLY room reservation.
Chicago gets very busy at certain times.

Chicago Getaway Hostel,, 773-929-5380
Inn at Lincoln Park,, 866-774-7275; 773-348-2810
Days Inn Lincoln Park,,
888-576-3297, 773-525-7010
City Suites Hotel,, 773-404-3400
The Willows Hotel,, 773-528-8400
Old Chicago Inn,, 773-472-2278
AND you can always:

To reserve a space, fill out and print the WORKSHOP FORM registration specifying

The Yin Yoga Experience
with Yin Yoga Founder Paulie Zink

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